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"Thorough assessment of tip tokens."

🤔What Are Your Favorite Tokens and Why❓ (A Guide to the Comment Section)

One of my favorite kinds of tokens that exist in the Hive ecosystem are the ones you can call to 'tip' people with in the comments. They are run by a script from their creators to perform a certain function. Most of them offer you the token native to the command. Some will even bring in a few votes on posts or comments.

I still want to know what your favorite tokens are and why, regardless if they carry a tipping or comment mechanism or not. Those are just some of my favorites. They're so fun! Plus, it gives the author(s) an extra bonus outside of your own HP garnered vote. That is, if you have enough mana to have an effective vote on Hive.

That's where these really come in handy. I know I run down my HP beyond a desired level probably once or twice a week. I try to keep it above 70% but sometimes, I just can't help it. I'll get to voting on comments or see a post I like and then whoop - there goes the mana. That's why I love all these tipping tokens. Some of them are even easier to obtain than HIVE!

So, I have compiled (to my knowledge) a complete list of all the ones Hive has to offer. They are in no particular order other than when I thought of them to create this post. If you know of one that is not on this list or have created one since this was posted, do let me know and I will update this post. I also extend that arm to the token issuers/creators - if you want specific information about the token operation in here, just leave me a comment and I will update it!


The issuing account is the one I created to house the beast that is PIMP. I wrote a recent post describing all the glory which you can read about at your own leisure. The tipping part itself, is contained in this chart:

Obviously, this one is going to be my favorite, because it is mine! And yours. And yours. And yours too. I'm closing in on 100k staked, so I'll be able to make 4 calls pretty soon! Then, it will be interesting to see where I use them. Get to PIMPin' people!


Now, who doesn't want to spread some love around the world, and especially on Hive! I really like this one because every time I see it, I think of @wesphilbin and his #thoughtfuldailypost initiative. They kind of go hand in hand. As for the token itself, I believe you must have at least 10 LUV to perform a tip and each tip is .1 LUV you give to someone. How many calls are available for the holders? This graphic was shared below:



HIQS are representative of the Hiq Magazine that we see once a week. This publication scours the blockchain and does an excellent job staying on top of all the happenings surrounding Hive. The most recent development from their staff, is the updated curation and tip bot. I say curation, because this one will vote on the post or comment you call it to. The minimum to have staked is 10 HIQ and I again, could not find an in depth explanation of (if any) the levels to which it extends. @quekery? I do know, that they recently picked up PIMP as part of their curation efforts which already include BEE, FUN, PHOTO and ONEUP tokens and tribal tags.

With a higher stake the vote will be eventually higher, but the mana also is a significant factor for calculating the vote weight. Higher mana will result in a higher vote.
The idea is that with high mana the votes will also be high so that no account will have 100% mana.
Additionally we have a daily limit (depending on the HIQS stake). Multiple command castings per day will lower your potential upvotes.

- @quekery


Aaaaaand, who doesn't love pizza??? I mean, I do. I had one recently with dill pickles, chicken and an alfredo sauce that was amazing. This token came about originally, to honor the pizza that initiated Bitcoin into the realm of the fiat world. It has since evolved and retains a tipping bot that is fun to 'give slices' to people with and each slice is worth .1 tokens. @thebeardflex has been pretty good with periodic updates with improvements and adjustments to the bot. The most recent one I found states that you need this many PIZZA tokens to deliver said amount of slices:

20 (Delivery Driver Lv 1) - 5 uses
200 (Delivery Driver Lv 2) - 10 uses
500 (Senior Driver) - 15 uses
5000 (Champions Club) - 20 uses


This token is unique in that it is the only public one representing a gaming community - Play Gamer. I came across this one some time back when I was heavy into Splinterlands and saw it on a few posts here and there. What really separates this token from the others, is when it tips you, it sends multiple tokens to the user and author. It is a 6 level call token (must be staked as far as I know) that increases greatly upon the 6th level. Here's what I found out:

each call sends 0.1 PGM, 0.1 LVL, 0.05 DEC, 0.1 SIM, 2.5 BUDS, 1 STARBITS & 15 SBT
10 PGM = 1 call/day
100 PGM = 3 calls/day
500 PGM = 5 calls/day - enables both parties to receive rewards
1000 PGM = 10 calls/day - if all 10 are used - 100% bonus
2500 PGM = 10 calls/day - unlocks 0.00000001 SWAP.BTC for the tipper each call
5000 PGM = 15 calls/day - tipper earns double


This token correlates to the @ladiesofhive and their respective community. I personally know most of them and they have a high margin of integrity. I do not have many of these either LOL! I am involved more with #BRO and the #mancave which is kind of how I see this token. A reflection of our little groups we have. I mean, there are communities for sewing, hunting, boating, photography, you name it and it might already exist. Every call tips the author .1 LADY and here are the levels of distribution authority:



He's got jokes. Today and every day. @captaincryptic has done a good job with the steps he has taken to make this an engaging tipbot. Some of the jokes are pretty corny, some are groaners and then there are those that get you giggling and you want to retell them in Discord. I also like that he is keeping it pretty simple. Notice it says LOLZ Held. That has changed and will be updated on the site.LOLZ-Token-The-LOLz-Token.pngI also know that you can stake LOLZ. All in all, this is a must have to keep the smiles spreading out there on Hive. (How many times have you texted and typed it?) 😁


The third most drunken liquid on earth got his own token - Enjoy the fun. STAKE your BEER and have more fun. For each 24 staked BEER you can call once per day the Beerlover with "!BEER" to tip 0.1 BEER free of charge to someone. Just by typing !BEER into a comment. For 240 staked BEER you can call 10 times.

That comes directly from the token information you can find on #Hive-Engine or #tribaldex. This is also a bit of a nostalgic token because (correct me if I'm wrong) this was one of - if not the - first tipping token on the blockchain. Either way, sharing a beer with someone is never a bad idea.

WINE (WINEX - forked version)

  • command - !WINE
  • issuer - @winex

With all due respect to beer, I even had a few with @detlev before, I am more keen on wine. 10 HBI for the 1st person to pop off my favorite drink when I'm out and social though. The WINE token and it's descendant - WINEX - are another fun way to share a little cheer out here on this beautiful chain while we all do what we do. The guru behind it has several projects that are successful and this one is his first born, maybe even favorite. The parameters are as follows:



This is a tribal token that believes in what is real. Real experiences and interactions on and off of Hive. Doesn't it just make you feel alive? Or maybe makes you want to thrive! Maybe if you are alive and thrive on Hive, you strive to do more than survive? HA! I believe regardless of the amount of calls you make, each tip is .1 ALIVE that is given to the author. The token must be staked to make the calls and there are 4 levels:

Level 1: 1k ALIVE staked = 10 tips/day
Level 2: 5k ALIVE staked = 20 tips/day
Level 3: 20k ALIVE staked = 30 tips/day
Level 4: 100k ALIVE staked = 40 tips/day


Along with BEER, this was one of the pioneers in the tipping category for tokens. The name itself, breathes what it is rewarding you for. I don't think it has any particular structure outside of the requirements to use it. To call the bot, (according to Hive-Engine) you need to have 1001 ENGAGE in your possession. Easy, right? Get out there and engage with some people!


I am hoping he pops in here and gives us a run down as I couldn't find a post describing it. What I do know, is it appears to have 5 levels of tipping in amounts from .1 - .5 CTP tokens. The amount of calls one can make or the amount needed to be staked or held is a bit of mystery. This one is also different than the rest as it does not issue a bot comment on chain but rather, it 'notifies' you in their Discord server in the tip log channel. Well played Jon, well played.

Max. 20 a day, we keep track of that in your wallet on CTP Talk....Need a minimum of 100 staked CTP for the bot to be active.
But doesn't matter if you have 100 staked or 100k, it's 20 for everyone.


This one comes from Germany and I'm not sure I understand it all. From what I can decipher, by holding the VOIN token, you can call the bot to vote on the author's post or comment. I could not find a minimum requirement of tokens to be held, nor a maximum of uses. Some clarity here would be highly appreciated if the issuer sees this. Either way, try it out and see if it is a fit for your arsenal 😎

HBIT - issuer - @crrdlx

  • command - !hivebits or !HBIT or !hbit or $HBIT or !WUSANG
  • issuer - @crrdlx

Hivebits is another of those tipping toys that has its own category. It is not designed to to tip anyone really - other than yourself. Use it on your own comments and posts to 'mine' the token. Everyone is allowed 3 calls per day, regardless of how many you already have. I heard there was a game called @wusang that it is being used for as well. Give it a look, let me know what you think!


The Bitcoin Backed Hive token is somewhat foreign to me, as I have not seen it much. It was in a lull for a few weeks but appears to be back in grand fashion. Each tip will send the author 1 BBH. The way this token works outside of the tipping, is pretty interesting. It follows the weight of Hive against Bitcoin. Not that it is a rival crypto, but it is a fun thing to keep an eye on.

Level 1 = 1000 BBH held = 1 call/day
Level 2 = 5000 BBH held = 5 call/day
Level 3 = 20000 BBH held = 20 call/day
Level 4 = 50000 BBH held = 50 call/day

Special Mentions - !POPCORN !MEME !GIF !WEED

These three bots are out there. To my knowledge, none of them actually tip you anything, but are fun to play with. A life without fun is - well - is that even life? Maybe scientifically it is, but in the human aspect of our social natures, I dare say - no.


I haven't seen the popcorn one in a while. Someone should try it down in the comments and see if it is still running. This is the oldest 'funbot' I can think of besides BEER. Who did this one, was it @themarkymark? Think we all have had too much PIZZA to remember. Maybe it should have its own token too now? wink wink 😉 (broken at the moment)


Most everyone appreciates a good dank meme from time to time, am I right? Before there were .gifs and looping clips on TikTok, memes were all the rage. Yes, I know, there is a MEME token, but as far as I know, the two are not related outside of their loves for memes. I did hear a rumor that they may be linking (if they haven't already) and we can start tipping people with MEME! That would be sweet. The bot currently throws out a vote for people too.


There have actually been a couple different gifbots I've seen throughout the history of Hive. The one that people use now, usually pops off with some good relative gifs. GIF, like peanut butter? Or GIF, like in GAFF GUFF or GOFF. Some of those might not even be words. Is there a MEME for that? 😂 (broken at the moment)


There is also a virtual joint you can pass around! Puff puff pass. I know it works as I seen it in the comments below and updated this post to keep it relevant. The bot also votes on the post too! It comes from the @weed.dispenser account seemingly created by @loonatic. Maybe they could start dropping some tokens with it?

Others You Might See

There are other ones you may see from time to time like @tipu or @innerblocks or one from the @oneup-cartel. Those have manual curators assigned to them and cannot be called by just anyone. Typically, when you see one on your post, it is because you used a specific tag to get their attention or just put out a really great entry on your bloggy vloggy dippity doppy page.

I hope to keep this updated as necessary and hope even more, that it helps someone out there have a little extra fun on Hive. I love fun. It's like a pun but without the p. and with an f. I'll put a D in it for ya. 🤣 As per the usual, need I remind you to REMEMBER TO BE YOU!? I always am, even when I get the urge to write like 2500 words. Wow, that (what was going to be) last little part even rhymed. Now here is the toughest part of this entire post - deciding what tags to use and where to feature it.

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