Dino Chess - Supporting Creatives by creating, buying and selling art on NFT Showroom

dino chess small.jpg

I had some fun with paint again, today. In fact, I had a fun couple of days, spending loads of time with friends and with my sister's family, at whose land I'm currently residing in their awesome little guest house.

I'm happy that I finally manifested a friend in the area who likes to play chess. In fact, I wrote about this guy recently in The Veggie Planters - Chess with a View.

In all honesty, a face to face chess game is so different from long distance chess - no offense @inuke , @j3dy and @whatamidoing - and it helped that I was wearing a cap today. This afternoon's two games in a row felt like Poker matches and I was glad that I could hide my face behind my baseball cap.

Thank you! @whatamidoing for encouraging me to continue with my unique, perfectly imperfect collage art. Your words motivate me to keep going. I hope you like this one, even though I didn't add any text this time.

The full piece can be seen and bought here on NFT Showroom for a bargain of *22 Hive, which amounts to about 2.5 US dollars.
22 is my favorite number

For those who didn't know:

Once you buy art on NFT Showroom, you can sell it ( for a higher - or lower - price later ).

Or, to use the exact words used in the NFT Showroom FAQ:

The buyer may display the art as part of their collection or resell it on the secondary market.

Pretty cool, right?

Also, if you're a creative and you want to start selling your own art on NFT showroom, you can use this referral link of mine

There's 4 pieces in my gallery at the moment and I sold one so far to the awesome and immensely prolific creative @richardfyates
Thanks again, Richard!

I also bought a handful of art pieces. From Richard as well as from my buddy @vachemorte and from @jossduarte , @insaneworks and @brunonacif

I mainly buy other people's ( aliens' or dinos' ) art to support them. Not to sell their work (for profit) at a later time. But, the fact that it is possible to do so, is pretty awesome if you ask me.


What about you? Do you have any experience with NFT art? Are youn interested in trying to digitalize your art and sell it on the blockchain? I'd love to hear your story!