HELP! Couldn't stop modifying! - AI Chick Tree Worm - Insaneworks


I was waiting for other collaborators to fiddle with the art already existing on thecollabs or new art to appear but couln't wait anymore and started modifying and tampering with the pictures @clayboyn posted weeks ago.

For instance this one: /@thecolabs/tlc-2


The AI chick actually gave me kaleidoscope (or mandala) vibes from the first second I saw it and now I got to fulfill my purpose here on earth. Twisting, turning, copying, multiplying, playing with layers.


It would be awesome if the AI mandala chick would talk. I mean if her mandala lips were moving. And something neat would come out of her mouth like serpents or aliens or carnivorous flowers or devils or or or... Anyway, decided to move on and perhaps if someone else becomes inspired about that idea, I'm not touching it. Unless years and years go by. Then might change my mind.


Yeah, I know. Couldn't stop playing with different versions.


Couldn't stop.


So many options. So many different variations to choose from.


Now stopping with this AI kaleidoscope chick.

Dear collaborators, feel free to use any of these if you got any ideas and free time on your hands.

Moving on.

Original here: /@thecolabs/lets-get-this-party-started


The same thing happened with the tree. This is the first thing I thought when I saw this. It needs a pink worm with a halo. A saint. A worm. So there it is. 😁 Happy worm saint.

But as usual, I couldn't stop. And why should I? So...


That happened. There's the AI chick again.


And some leaves flowers mandala. AI mandala chick.


And the worm saint.

Yes. I know. Couldn't stop.

But I think now it's someone elses turn as I've put my fingers on every piece that has been posted here. So if you got inspired, go ahead and use any of the versions I've made and go crazy with it. Or not. Your decision.

Artists working with these pieces so far:

3 columns
2 columns
1 column