Mushroom Seer | Splinterlands Art Contest W-239

Hello everyone, this is my fourth time participating in the Splinterlands Art Contest, this time I have learned to draw the background after the previous entry I was confused for the background, I'm sure as I draw more often my skills will increase, hopefully always productive, amen ☺️

Mushroom Seer

The card chosen this time is Mushroom Seer, I deliberately searched for cards with the keyword Mushroom or Fungi, and what appeared was exactly what I wanted, a humanoid mushroom monster with a big mushroom head.

I changed the pose to sitting and in front of Mushroom Seer was a big glowing mushroom - The background is lined with mushrooms, some of which are glowing while others have only bright colors and a starry night sky.

Reference :

Source Link :

The Tools

-Laptop Fujitsu Q702 win 10-
-One by Wacom CTL 472-
-Autodesk SketchBook-
-Affinity Photo-

The Step


Starting with LineArt then basic coloring


after that enter the shading process on Mushroom Seer


continued with the ground and the glowing mushroom


added mushrooms as the background as well as the starry night sky and then color adjustment as the finishing touch.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my post🕶

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