Grain of Madness

Aight, when you have nothing to say, let the art speak for you :)

Oh, wait... I do have something to say:

"A Grain of Madness is The Best of Art" - At Eternity's Gate (2018)


Artwork, design, mixed patterns, manipulation, or whatever you wanna label it...
Created by, me: @stayten

Eh, I see a monkey turning into a shaking creature, afraid and high... Probably on Xanax :)

So a quick question, what does this image say to you?... I'm interested...

BTW, to add some fun... I've made it while listening to this kick-ass track on Half-Speed mood using MPC-HC on my laptop... Give it a try, trippy and fun :)

Muse - New Born:

~ See You On The Other Side!

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