NFT art: my first NFT artwork!

An happy Wednesday to you all!
Today I'm here to share with you a news: I just started my NFT adventure on the wonderful @nftshowroom !
A lot of artists here started to work on the NFTs since months and months, but this is my first time and so I'm feeling really excited.
As you know, for my usual artworks I love to work with my brushes and oil colors on paper or on canvas, but for my first NFT work I decided to make something special just in a digital way. The subject is one of my favorite sobjects: a woman in the shades of blue who is thinking about the sea. I also added some of my usual red fishes on her hair. _

adopted (7).png

thinking about the sea 1nft piccolo.png

I created this piece just for the @nftshowroom using my wacom and the Ps. It's the first one of a series of NFT called "Thinking about the sea" and it was excited to make my first NFT piece.
This piece of NFT art is available here:

I hope you like it| _

See ya soon and stay safe,

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