Creativity in it's weirdest form: Animated Human-plant hybrid

Frankly, I still can't believe I created this, basically in a space of 8 hours roughly. Thumbs up to me. It felt like forever, but it was fun doing it . Going from a not so clean, and still not so rough sketch of a lady's face (side view), which by the way was the hardest part of all this. I am terrible at sketches but still better than I was a couple of years ago.

Yeah like I said, I went from a sketch done specifically on medibang paint on my laptop to what you see below. Let it be known that I went through thick and thin to get the result you are most likely staring at with curiosity or maybe amazement either one, especially if you are a passionate art lover. The jouney to that point presented and showcased in form of creativity below was nothing but a mental art war going on. Weird right, well that what you get when you try to match creativity with inspiration and to top it off, you go ahead and try to bring it to life digitally. Basically this was a mental war I barely won

I really don't understand how it became smaller after I did some animation using photoleap on my mobile

Here is a bigger non-animated version

What going here ?

Well, there is a bit of peeudo-science going on here, we have a human being with hairs in form of plants and leaves growing on her head and of course she doesnt seem to care, or does she. Should we call it evolution gone wrong or a disaster of nature presented in digital forn in the weirdest way possible? Whichever it is, the biology of nature or more appropriately the nature of biology has been twisted here. Thank goodness it can be called ART without the creator being labelled as Mad scientist .

For every creation there is a process, and here it is ;

This was the initial sketch done on medibang

Then this was done on Snapseed on my mobile phone

Animation and adding of effect was finally done on photoleap


The smaller animated version

The larger non-animated version

Apps used to create art

  • Medi bang paint app on Windows
  • Snapseed on mobile
  • Photoleap on mobile for animation

I feel this creation will be a waste of good art if not minted as an NFT, next up I am minting on @nftshowroom, watch out in case you like to buy. I do wonder if @nftshowroom allows for minting of GIF type art, yeah, I thinl it does

Thanks for viewing for more artworks to feast your eye on by @sam9999, checkout @sam9999_art on Instagram.

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