"Babies Ate My Buick" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Sunday again...Why does time fly by so quickly? Guess we're having fun....

The overnighter with the grandbaby went well. She only woke up once, about 4:00 A.M., and Grandma was able to soothe her back to sleep, with a little help from Pee-Wee's Playhouse! Then the little kid slept until almost 8:A.M.! She was great! And we sent her home before she had a chance to get fussy!!!

LATER in the day, we had our younger daughter and her fiancé over for lunch and watched Rocket Man, the biographical film based on the life of Elton John. It's excellent (if you can handle sex, drugs, mental abuse, addiction---and MUSICALS!) Our family are huge Elton John fans, but the younger daughter, Elise, hadn't watched the movie, yet. She said she liked it! (So she's still in the will!)

After the movie ended, Ellie and her hubby left, and Mariah and I felt like indulging our Halloween urges, so we watched a few episodes of the Netflix remake of The Haunting of Hill House. I enjoyed the novel by Shirley Jackson, love the old, black and white film version from the '50s (it was just called The Haunting), and I also think this remake is quite good. It's only LOOSELY based based on the book, but so far I'm enjoying some of the twists and "In-Joke / Easter Eggs." But it's DARK... Not happy.

While watching the show I was also making art (of course), and I filled out a couple of postcards for some friends! Here are a couple of the pieces I finished...


[Various pens on reclaimed cardboard with digital embellishments and color.]

I'll probably tokenize that one, eventually...

Here's what the drawing looked like before the digital stuff:

Another piece that I finished this evening is this all digital drawing:

It's kind of fun. I don't know if I'll tokenize it or not, but the colors are interesting. A piece like this is primarily just an experiment using "layers" in the drawing app I use on my phone. I'm not well schooled in art production, so I tend to learn from LOTS of trial and error. Practice, practice, practice!!!

I also filled out a couple of postcards tonight for some friends, and because I yam wut I yam, I usually include a doodle or two while writing. I'm particularly fond, lately, of drawing little "fake stamps" next to the real ones. For example...

I also write nonsense notes, which is probably confusing...but also (potentially) hilarious!

It makes no sense and MEANS even less, but TO ME, that's what makes it funny!

Speaking of funny, Mariah and I eventually switched off the ghost show (it's good, but VERY dark!), and watched an episode of Portlandia and the the first part of a documentary about the history of Monty Python, as a sort of pick-me-up before coming to bed. It was called Almost the Complete Truth.... And it worked---put us in much happier mind-scapes before bed. Very funny stuff! I'm a lifelong Python fan---if that isn't immediately apparent from my age and disposition---so....yeah....

Right...I guess that's about it for this bloggy post. I'm sure I'll speak at you again tomorrow! Now go make something or READ A DAMN BOOK! Later!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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