Introducing Spectrum of Colour : n3uralgw0p

Hello Hive 👋

I'm a neurodiverse digital artist creating cryptoart using artificial intelligence and photoshop.

My genesis collection Spectrum of Colour is a series of 1/1 works exploring neurodiversity, emotion, chaos and colour.

The first piece Scream looks at difficulties with communication, regulating emotion and the frustration of feeling unheard:


Spectrum of Colour 001 : Scream

Why do they only hear you when you SCREAM?

To create the piece I found some commercial use photography on Unsplash, chopped and spliced it up in Photoshop to create an abstract butterfly effect, then fed this through Deep Style v2 to infuse a colourful hand painted style.

Though the AI output was cool, the essence of the work, the scream, had been lost in all the colour, so I blended this back into the centre of the piece in photoshop, flattened the image and then did a bunch of post processing in camera raw to achieve the finished product.

What do you think?

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