MIMOSA NIGHTSHADE... Splinterlands art contest !

Hey Splinters... I back with new entry for this week 😁

Befores i start, i just wanna say thanks for choosing my drawing ( Wood Nymph ) from the seven winners in the last week contest. I was the last one in the order but whatever i was so happy really ! ❤

Anyway, this time i inspired my drawing from MIMOSA NIGHTSHADE card.
And as you see guys i drew it using Sketchbook (i don't know if i'm sure about that, but i think my skills got much better than before in this app in addition to that i only use my finger in drawing and using many brushes) i encourage every artist to give this app try, cause it's very easy and flexible in drawing !

So now let's talk about the drawing.. As my first try of drawing faces in this competition and my first face drawing on the app (I mean drawing face with much details), I'm satisfied in the last result and hope you like it too guys.

The orginal card :

The process of the drawing :

For the background, i wanted it to be very simple and i choose to use the pink and blue colors only (The same energy light that emanates from the character's hands ).

In this step, i moved the process to the photo editor app and i did some edits on saturation, brightness and constract. To make it more realistic.

And thanks. 😊

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