Lyanna-natura| Splinterlands Art Contest Week 247

Hey there! I'm so thrilled to be a part of this art contest with my entry, lyanna-natura. I decided to choose her because she was looking more like a down to earth, kumbaya summoner.

For my submission, I've stayed pretty true to the original design but added a few little elements to make it my own. I thought it would be fun to give her some locks for an earthy look. I hope you enjoy it!

Clean sketch

Line art

and then took my time painting in solid colors for her skin, clothes, and hair before adding in finer details but instead of add shades with a soft brush or ink brush, I decided to colour block paint. Maybe this is where I am no t very good at yet because I often struggle when it comes to a lighter skin tones. I don’t know how colours lie on fair skin.


Here’s the process in full

That’s all! Thank you for your attention.

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