Splinterlands Art Contest Week 237 /Angel of Light

Hello hivers! I am missteriously87, and its my first time here, joining this awesome contest from yours truly @splinterlands. Arts and crafts is one of my favorite hobbies. I would like to try the digital art but seemed, I am not lucky to have a PC, having my own personal computer. Last time, I did was using Dreamweaver 7, that was when I was in College.

Anyway, why I choose Angel Of Light?

It's because Angel Of Light is the only person in the Splinterlands that has the ability to resurrect the dead. To heal and to inspire. These are one of the (buff) which I am usually looking for a hero.

.. Cradle me in loving light,
Bring me wisdom, truth and sight,
Cover me with what is right,
Bring me to my home.

-Angel's Blessing

Still, because of the way the Angel Of Light, continually puts herself in harm’s way to protect the people of the Splinterlands, she will meet her match one day.

Apart from her abilities. The only weapon she carried was her Legendary Golden Hairpin. They say that the Angel can remove her hairpin and transform it instantly into a great spear of white fire. That this fire can burns in any realms.

That's why I really love this card.

The Process

Creating a concept is never easy but when you put your heart into it and you have the passion to do it then why not?
Materials that I used are:
☑ Bondpaper
☑ Sketch Pencils
☑ Color Pencils
☑ Eraser

First things first is the eyes. The eyes are one of the nicest things to consider when you sketch or draw. Second, I outlined the nose and the mouth.. I had many erasures, to be honest. It took me an hour or so. I chose to add a little uniqueness on my Angel Of Light to use a "Cheongsam Dress", but since we are in a generation Z. I changed my mind and added a cute but little modern type of dress which is a bit sexy. I also put another element, near the left eye. I didn't use the elements in the card. All here is original.

Long feathered wings are so good for me. Then adding colors using color pencils can give brightness and life.

Wanna have this opportunity to say thank you for giving me the privileged to participate this weekly contest. I maybe not the best from all of the rest who joined but still.. I am grateful ☺.

Thank you once again ♥️

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