Wheel cover “KENSO” original Airbrush ArtWork and the 11 Steps how I created it 😊

Hi all 👋🏻

I wanted to show you today one of my earlier #airbrush works I created with the title: “KENSO” in 2014.
THE STORIES BEHIND IT and show you its step by steps. Work in Progress photos (wip) 😎

Me next to the finished wheel-cover in November 2014. It was getting cold already… Photo taken by Franco G. my neighbour in the school.

(Source photo above; another post of mine, you find here: Ladies of Hive Community Contest #64 “ART”)

Equipment I used:
Airbrush gun: Harder & Steenbeck Infinity 0.15mm
Paint: Createx Auto Air, professional Airbrush colors. Plus primer and 2K clear coat.
Underground as you can see is a wheel cover of a car, where the spare wheel is in.

A friend of mine contacted me after his dog died, if I could create a lasting memory for him on his car… to be precise on the wheel cover. He knew I AIRBRUSHED.
The dogs name was “KENSO” and was truly loved. 🥰

Of course I would help my friend and create something special.
So after we agreed the details he brought me the wheel cover.

(Most photos were taken by my phone at that time… so the quality isn’t the greatest but still good enough for you to view) 😁

Step 1
I started working on it in May 2014.
Here you see, I have prepped the underground. Meaning: I sanded it completely. Than added a fixative so the primer would attach to the hard plastic surface. After that I added the primer and sanded this to a very smooth finish. With waterproof sandpaper.

Step 2
I added a sketch of the main features with graphite pencils.

Step 3
I started airbrushing the background.
I do this very light, and don’t add many details as I want the dog to stand out. The client did want most features of his garden in there. So the familiarity would be there.

Step 4
More background was added. After the client saw it evolve through photographs I send him, he changed his mind and asked me; if I could change the door of the garage into a fence with blue sky. Sure I could. So that was added.

Step 5
Next I start the basic layers of the dog. I blend here two colours so that you see a guide with the dark and lights. This I will build up slowly with fur until I reach the desired result.

Step 6
More layers are added. First steps of the details coming alive. I airbrush the hairs now.

Next…🤓 hhhmmm it’s June 2014 now. As some may know, this was also the time of my divorce and I had to move out of the house so it could be sold.
I have a pause now with this airbrush work.
I found a new home in the form of an “anti-squad” building in the Netherlands. Anti squad in this form means: you are protecting the building and living in it, until the owner decided what he wants to do with it.

It was a super large high school and I lived there with about 25 other people, all in different areas of the schools building/ floors. They were of all age groups… the youngest was just 18 and the oldest was in his sixties. 😎

So I moved to there with most of my belongings including some furniture… over a few weeks. I got a large technical class room (25 x 15 meters) in the basement with windows and 2 little rooms attached. There was a sink… luckily. So I could attach my washing machine. I was the only one that had one. So I helped some of the others out. 😁 I used a camping stove to cook… and we had bbq’s outside.
As the school had a gymnastics room there were showers and toilets we could use. So not completely back to basics but still a far way.
I payed for insurance and the electricity and water I used. That was it. So with about 175 euros this was sure a deal for me to get back on my feet.
I’m still in contact with a few of the people I lived with back than. The fun we had… 🤓🤩🥳

Now back to my post as I could continue to write more and more about my adventures: more changes are about to be told further along though 😉

Step 7
Here you see the part of the class room with the windows… I sure had some nice views. My setup after I settled in and dealt with other things. It’s November 2014 now. Luckily my friend wasn’t in a rush to get the wheel cover 😊
One of my great finds in the school was that large chalk board… you see in the photo. I used it to hold up the photo my friend gave me to work from. I enlarged the best I could. Most details where gone by now. But the owner gave me more photographs I could find the characteristics of KENSO in.
Others from within the building that came to visit, always ended up to draw on it too hahaha 🤣 as you can see. Even as an adult those boards are just PLAIN fun!

Step 8
You can see here I added more fur and I try to get the main features of KENSO right. So the owner will recognise him. This is the hardest part when it is a pet. To get that right. It needs to become “his” KENSO.

Step 9
Little by little I’m adding more and more. His eyes, mouth and nose are main features.
Still more details will be added.
This work consists entirely out of airbrush work, no brushes were used.

Step 10
Now I airbrushed the outer ring black. And look closely for changes that needs to be done.

Step 11
The last details are added and I prep the wheel cover now for the 2K clear coat.

Finished result:
Wheel Cover of “KENSO” after the clear coat, on the car.

Little detail photo (before the clear coat)

Now the #fun part I didn’t tell you about yet but mentioned… 😎
By creating this airbrush work for my friend. He offered he would transport my belongings in his camper van 🚐 all the way to #Spain 🇪🇸 in early January 2015. When I wanted to move countries.

I thought that was a great offer in exchange. I did pay his expenses along the way, tolls, diesel, food etc. and he stayed for a week in Spain before he went back home again to the Netherlands. But…
🤩🤩 More about this grand #adventure: HOW I #EMIGRATED TO SPAIN. And the #journey we had through ice and snow… (remember I had a #classicmini at that time…) 💃🏻💃🏻 Will follow later in due course, with all it’s #details.
So stay tuned

Thank you for looking and reading. I hope you enjoyed my Step by Step of this earlier airbrush / artwork on a #Wheelcover. 😊

Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.😊 And talk about art.

Have a great day all 😎👋🏻
Grtz Jackie


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