The Forest Chronicles


In my travels across the multiverse, the most magical places I find are forests. It does not matter which star system you are in, which galaxy or even which Universe. Nothing bewitches the mind like the heart of a forest. It beats with a rhythm unique to every forest and the surrounding flora and fauna dance to it's beat.

Not only are these enchanting forests a haven for a variety of local beings, but they are also a home to many rare and magical organisms seen very rarely elsewhere. The famed Magi of Girolden are known to hone their skills in the deep forest caves. The Brunicorn of Sinyter has only been spotted deep in its forests. The First One, when seen in the physical dimension, often chooses to be seen meditating in the forests of the Sentients....

Some of them are rumoured to have portals and wormholes within them through which The Watchers can pass undetected.

Hello everyone, hope you are doing fine. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Here, I continue to delve deeper into the mind of the mysterious AI art generation program. I have used some of my artbreeder generated landscapes as initial images in the modified MSE VQGAN+CLIP script by @jotakrevs . I have noticed that we can generate consistent shapes and as a result more predictable results because of this.

I have not yet uploaded any of my images to artbreeder but I have read that the uploaded images are converted to an AI recognisable form. Therefore I infer that the images generated by artbreeder must also be of a form recognisable by AI. So, we should be able to get predictable results using AI generated images as initial images. Looks like that is the case.

Also, I tried a different aspect ratio for the images this time - the exact size being 680 x 382 pixels. This is almost a 16:9 ratio and looks good for landscapes and this pixel size does not give any out of memory issues while using the free version of Google Colab.

This is my artbreeder profile if you want to see what images I have used as initial images :

All the images in this post are AI generated using the script mentioned above. The images have been upscaled on There are no other edits to the images.

All the writing is mine, inspired by the images generated, my previous posts and my socio-cultural influences.

Thank you for reading and seeing these images. I hope you liked them. See you in the next one!






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