Splinterlands Art Contest - Furious chicken and Feral spirit

Hi, hivers!

I finished one more work to participate in artcontest. The idea came to me long time ago and I imagined different details to make it. Finally it is prepared. There’s a Ukrainian style ornament on the house - Petrykivka. I take simple motives, but it looks like real painting with all the parts being different as in real homemade work.

All the style is flat with basic light and shadow only, but I tried to do all the objects ready.

First, I always do the quick sketch and I never show it since it’s impossible to understand anything on it.
After I’m doing clean sketch, here it is

After I put basic colours

Then I remove line and make final corrections to forms

And, finally I add light and shadows, so that it seems more completed. Now I am in the process of studying final render for game art, I didn’t find special hashtag for it on instagram, but in Ukrainian we call the style like “kazualna graphika”, English hashtag of casualgraphics shows me only Ukrainian or russian etc artists, so I still hope to see international art, and check different words for it, but haven’t found yet.
For that style my flat artwork is just a starting point, and later I will do them all to the final.

Hope you like my work, thank you!

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