ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER THE NFT Showroom Contest | Princess Bazelle's Life Line - A Tokenized Fractal Rendering Project


This Tokenized Digital Art Drawing is now available on NFTShowroom. This piece was featured in not only the Princess Bazelle Saga, but also streamed on NFT Showroom on Sunday, October 11. This gorgeous piece of work represents a valuable life line in the legacy of an alien princess.


Hello everyone and welcome back. Did you know about the NFT Showroom Contest and that you only have 6 days left to enter? I've already entered my piece for the Contest that ends on October 21st, 5 p.m. EST. If you'd like information about the contest, check out the rules at the end of my post here and on the NFT Showroom site for official details.


However, today I have another digital drawing I tokenized that I'd like to share with you.

The idea for a gem that would serve my alien female princess, Bazelle, began after I created the princess. I began creating a series of jewelry that a princess would own.


The Gemstone

Here's how I created this gemstone and it's casing. I didn't think that I could design an item that looked like a gemstone in a fractal rendering program. However, the open-sourced program, Apopyhysis 2.09, was perfect. The flames produce the fractal.



Then, I wondered how would the design look in its case that I also created in Apophysis 2.09 and finalized in Canva to combine the gem and the casing.





The casing for the gem looks exquisite.



Next, I wanted to create the casing so that it would close to protect the gem and hide it from anyone who meant to confiscate it and attempt to use it for their own purposes.


Little did anyone know the true power of the gem, known as a Life Line. It's true owner reveals the gem's awesome capabilities. If you'd like to learn more about the background of the valued gem and its true owner, then visit the super talented Hive author, @deeanndmathews. She featured Princess Bazelle and her gemstone, known as Bazelle's Life Line, in a five-part series entitled, "The Princess Bazelle Saga". Check out "The Princell Bazelle Saga" to discover the fate of the gemstone.

I hope you like my Fractal Rendering digital art. If you're interested in the Princess Bazelle's Life Line, Open and Closed gems, they're available at the NFT Showroom here.

I'd appreciate a visit:
Princess Bazelle's Life Line - Open
Princess Bazelle's Life Line - Closed

Thanks for taking the time to view my post.


Also, there is another artist showcased at NFT Showroom whose art captured my attention: @librepensadora
Why not stop by while you're at NFT Showroom and visit her gallery. You won't be disappointed.


NFT Showroom is celebrating 10,000 NFTs sold on the NFT Showroom with a contest worth 1000 HIVE in prizes for artists and collectors. For additional information, check out the contest here: Celebrating 10,000 NFTs sold on NFT Showroom! Art contest with 1000 HIVE in prizes for artists and collectors.


  • Any artist who is verified to tokenize on NFT Showroom can submit 1 NFT for consideration

  • To enter: tokenize one work of art on NFT Showroom and add #NFTSR10K to your tags so the entries can be found via the search page

  • Art may be of any theme, style or medium (still image, GIF, MP4, audio track)

  • Art must be submitted before October 21st, 5 PM EST

  • Ideally you will tweet your entry with #NFTSR10K and tag @nftshowroom so we can retweet, though it is not required

  • We encourage artists to drop their entries in the dedicated discord channel #NFTSR10K

    Winners will be selected by a panel of judges who are not eligible to participate in the contest.

    Collectors are a vital part of the platform and we want to give them an opportunity to participate in the contest. Each collector of an #NFTSR10K NFT will get 1 entry for each 1 HIVE spent. Winners will be chosen by a random draw 1 week after the art submission deadline. (October 28th, 5 PM EST)



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.






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