Splinterlands Art Contest Week 247 / Hobgoblin

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are well! This is my submission to the Splinterlands art contest:

Source: Reference

Here is how I drew it:

  • Starting off with the outline, when making this fan art, I was thinking of Assassin's Creed and Dishonored, and then adding an ocean/sea for a calming atmosphere.

  • Then the initial sketch

  • And then finishing the line art.

  • And here is the finished line art!

  • Now for coloring it starting off with the base colors

  • Then shading and lighting as well

''' For the coloring of the water, moon, mountains and sky, I was using custom brushes already installed in the digital art program I am using (Krita) and then adding a blur effect on it. '''

  • Don't mind the colors here haha! I'm only using those colors to correct the shading of my character to have it blend better to the background

''' Sorry about the messy layers, I really don't have layer management hahaha!'''

  • And then the finished fan art!

Thanks for checking my post! Until next time!

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