LAST CHANCE TO ENTER! The first NFT Art Giveaway painting has been picked


The painting to be made into a @NFTShowroom NFT has been picked. This is the final chance to enter to win while I transfer some HIVE over to create the NFT.

First Post : /@jensenart/nft-showroom-nft-art-giveaway

I have tagged the users who upvoted the last post so they can comment on it/this post so they can enter.

🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟HOW TO ENTER🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟

- Comment below.

- NO Upvote or Reblog or Follow needed but it is appreciated since it helps get the NFT created


Below are the 4 abstract paintings that will be the first to choose from to help create and win

Entries received (from Comments and dPoll Votes) : @abbak7 (3), @akdx (3), @astrohive (3), @bluerobo (2), @badpupper (2), @darkflame (1), @cannabiscafe (1), @chunkysoupsvc (3), @cst90 (2), @d-zero (1), @erica005 (1), @hivecoffee (1), @julesquirin (3), @manncpt (1), @oadissin (2), @sadikulaziz (3), @suntree (3), @vachemorte(1)

PLEASE NOTE : I still need to update the above entries with the last dPoll entries. So, if you notice your entries are not correct, that's why.

Users who upvoted or commented on previous giveaway posts/updates. Please remember to comment if you'd like to enter the giveaway. I didn't add those I think/know are dapps/bots. If I missed your name please let me know. Make sure to comment if you want to win :

@abdul.qadir, @afukichi, @aamirijaz, @anikys3reasure, @arrrds, @astrohive, @avikz, @blacks, @bonfirepit, @cannabiscafe, @catharsis, @cconn, @cribbio, @curators, @dannychain, @darkflame, @darkpylon, @demo123, @frugalgamer, @gaottantacinque, @gasaeightyfive, @globalschool, @hivecoffee, @holovision, @jimmyrai28, @jlordz, @jnmarteau, @joedukeg, @juliakponsford, @julesquirin, @leoball, @limn, @lizanomadsoul, @manncpt, @manniman, @marconisnghtmr, @matfilar, @melinda010100, @minerspost, @motionkapture777, @nfthypesquad, @onartbali, @opt2o, @pablodare, @paragism, @patronpass, @paulmoon410, @payger, @peachymod, @photographercr, @photoman, @plusvault, @portsundries, @rootdraws, @royalmacro, @sayee, @suntree, @thehealthylife, @tomwafula, @trichomesnetwork, @vachemorte

Thank you!

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