Kitty Liftoff - Affordable Art

My Water Vector series continues. And again it's affordable art. Only 3 Hive in @nftshowroom. Even with these higher Hive markets I think the price is pretty low. I minted 12 editions because that's how much unstaked Hive I had. But that was enough as I promised that there will be 10 to 20 editions each time I mint something to this series.


Kitty Liftoff

Watercolor, colored pencil and vector lines. I bet kitty is thinking: "Space, the final frontier..."

Nice how the hairiness comes naturally with watercolor. No need to pull my hair figuring out how to make it look random and hairy, not spiky or something that doesn't even fall in to a strange lines category. Because that would be cool. Strange is. But as I said, not even that.

And of course Kitty got a place in Artsteps too. Next to hairy alien. I mean Navigating Home. There's still room for one space/vector/watercolor piece and then I have to make a whole new exhibition, just for Water Vector series.


Art Gallery 2021 – Insaneworksies

So okay, kitty has been launched in to space, what next?

What next, what next, what next...

Oh! Have you heard about the newest NFT Showroom contest? 10.000 NFTs sold so a pretty neat contest coming. For artists and collectors!

So go and create and buy, I know I will! Preferably both if I have enough Hive and of course art never has been created in a day, it will be created LAST MINUTE! There's no place like just before deadline, there's no place like just before deadline, there's no place like just before deadline.

Trust me, it's a place.

Just before deadline.

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