Inktober "Plump" : Plump King of Hell

In the depths of the underworld, where shadows dance and flames flicker, reigns a figure of unexpected stature – the plump king of Hell. Adorned in regal attire, his corpulent form commands attention, a testament to his power and influence amidst the infernal realm.

His countenance, though jovial and seemingly approachable, holds a hint of mischief and cunning, hinting at the depths of his infernal wisdom. His eyes, twinkling with an otherworldly glow, pierce through the veil of darkness, scrutinizing the souls that wander his domain.

Despite his imposing physique, the plump king of Hell moves with surprising agility, his every step echoing through the cavernous halls of his obsidian palace. His laughter, deep and resonant, reverberates through the underworld, a reminder of his presence and the authority he wields.

As the ruler of this infernal realm, he commands legions of demons and oversees the torments of the damned. Yet, beneath his devilish charm and imposing presence lies a shrewd strategist, a master manipulator of souls, capable of turning even the purest of hearts towards darkness.

The plump king of Hell is a paradox, a figure of both mirth and menace, a reminder that appearances can be deceiving. He is the embodiment of infernal indulgence, a ruler who revels in the chaos and temptations that define his realm.


Prompts :
(front view) ultra detailed illustration of a plump king of Hell,alien, gold and crystal decorations, art by MSchiffer, best quality, best resolution, JRPG, Xianxia, (closed mouth)


My images are the fruit of a creative process that is inspired by my everyday experiences. I start with an idea or an image, and then I use AI to develop and transform it into something new and unique.

I am like a painter who uses a magic brush to bring their dreams to life. I can create images that would be impossible to create by hand. It is a powerful tool that allows me to express my creativity in new ways.

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Peace and Love
Paix et amour


Peace and Love
Paix et amour

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