Inktober 16 day -"Angel"

As I unveil my latest creation, I invite you to behold the embodiment of a fallen angel, a creature of mesmerizing malevolence. My sketch captures the essence of heavenly grace twisted into a captivating embodiment of darkness, a testament to the duality that exists within all beings.

Observe the once-radiant wings, now shrouded in a sinister aura, as they extend from the angel's form, casting ominous shadows upon the world below. Their feathers, once symbols of purity, now bear the marks of corruption, hinting at the angel's descent into darkness.

The angel's face, once a beacon of divine beauty, now bears a haunting expression, a chilling reminder of the power of temptation and the fragility of virtue. Its eyes, once windows to a compassionate soul, now gleam with a sinister glow, reflecting the depths of its fallen state.

As you gaze upon this fallen angel, let it serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between light and darkness that exists within us all. It is a testament to the power of choice and the consequences that follow, a reflection of the eternal struggle between good and evil.



Prompts :
The most incredible Evil Angels of halloween, lucifer, very colorful ,100’s of colors, Mountains, Waterfalls, epic background, 32K,incredible detail and sharpness of each stars light rays very small, very colorful, thousands of colorful sparkles


My images are the fruit of a creative process that is inspired by my everyday experiences. I start with an idea or an image, and then I use AI to develop and transform it into something new and unique.

I am like a painter who uses a magic brush to bring their dreams to life. I can create images that would be impossible to create by hand. It is a powerful tool that allows me to express my creativity in new ways.

All images are free to use

Peace and Love
Paix et amour


Peace and Love
Paix et amour

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