Splinterlands Art Contest Week 279: Dhampir Infiltrator

Dhampir Infiltrator11.png

Talking about backgrounds as I did the last time I made my entry for the contest. I made some effort in correcting my lazy attempt. I know this isn't much but it is a first step towards the right direction. And besides, the whole background was originally drawn by yours truly without the use of any reference.

Since the character in the card I chose to explore was a Dhampir Infiltrator I thought to make the background gruesome with a fresh kill (hence the blood on the knife on your lower left). The first idea however was to draw a bunch of eyes with open teeth's ready to suck blood (some old vampire, Dracula style if you know what I mean) but then it developed into that which is before you.

Another hiccup I encountered was that after the painting was done, it stood out from the background so I dabbed it with some red.

Dhampir Infiltrator11.png

these are the process....
Dhampir Infiltrator.png

Dhampir Infiltrator1.png

Dhampir Infiltrator2.png

Dhampir Infiltrator3.png

Dhampir Infiltrator4.png

Dhampir Infiltrator5.png

Dhampir Infiltrator6.png

Dhampir Infiltrator7.png

Dhampir Infiltrator8.png

Dhampir Infiltrator9.png

Dhampir Infiltrator10.png

Dhampir Infiltrator11.png

Thanks for the visit.

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