Splinterlands Art Contest Week 274: Edith Emberstar

There is no simpler way to say this, I am really appreciative of how I have grown in the past few months in which I have been participating in the Splinterlands contest digitally. My works are still far from perfect. But every week when I see the entries of @yanes94 amongst others, I tell my brothers how stirred up I am to do more. And though I know the process would take time and equipment, I have been able to grow gradually.

This is a new year and I hope to take a different direction with my digital art growth. This year, I am gunning for new tools and professionalism, so please, feel free to drop by anytime.

That being said, let's go to the main order of business. At first I wanted to follow the card details exactly as I usually do but then I thought to do something like a target practice with her bow stuck in a mark behind her. But this background which I came up with at the last minute looked serene enough so I toned down her complexion with some green so the painting wouldn't be out of place. The aim is to portray that she got lost in the woods, it's cool right?


This is Edith

the outlines....
Edith Emberstar.png

Edith Emberstar1.png

Edith Emberstar2.png

Edith Emberstar3.png

Edith Emberstar4.png

Edith Emberstar5.png

Edith Emberstar6.png

Edith Emberstar7.png

Edith Emberstar8.png

It's a new year and the fresh start of the week. And I'm very glad my post greeted you.
Thanks for the visit.

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