Splinterlands Art Contest Week 272: Pelacor Conjurer

Pelacor Conjurer11.png

I spent the most of my weekend working on this piece and was very eager to share it but then while I was almost through with it,I ran inro some background problem. Somehow, making backgrounds for my digital pieces have been proving difficult and I hope I am ble to improve on that soon enough.

I got the reference for this on Pinterest. It was an AI work that had a guy in glasses running on a wooden speed boat with the skies and buildings converging above. At first I thought the background would help solve my background problem but then I discovered that the subjects varied a lot so I went with the skies. Initially I wanted to make a kind of spooky background but my brother Timothy advised me to go with something different, anything really.

The pelacor cardsor characters kind of remind me of Castiel the angel dude from the 'Supernatural' series. I know it's weird but they do remind me of him. This character (the conjurer) in particular makes me think of Michael, a flamboyant proud fellow who cares little for opinions. Believe me, I love this character.

Pelacor Conjurer11.png

These are the outlines.....
Pelacor Conjurer.png

Pelacor Conjurer2.png

Pelacor Conjurer3.png

Pelacor Conjurer4.png

Pelacor Conjurer5.png

Pelacor Conjurer6.png

Pelacor Conjurer7.png

Pelacor Conjurer8.png

Pelacor Conjurer9.png

Pelacor Conjurer10.png

Pelacor Conjurer11.png

**Thanks friends for making me a aprt of your day. It really is appreciated.

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