Splinterlands Art Contest Week 269: Queen of Crows

Queen of Crows10.png

For some time now I've been planning to do something elaborate, different from my usual process. I soon realized that the more I waited for time to make itself, the less time I had.
As a result I started treating every subject I drew or advised a friend on differently. I promise you'll see the change even though it's little.

I started this week on a strong note with many tasks at hand so I couldn't enter the contest earlier as I intended making something different.

The reference I used for this particular painting was an AI generated artwork I found on Pinterest. I wanted to go entirely with it but then the Queen of Crows had other plans.

Soon after tracing the vector of the reference, I added a hat, the dress and lastly the crows. I did this on different layers because I suspected there might be a mixup at some point and funny enough, there was...lol.

Queen of Crows.png

The Queen of Crows has her ability spelt in her name. She kind of reminds me of that character in the recent Suicide Squad that controls rats.
Also in a funny way her hat looks like the one Rick Sanchez wore in the last episode of Season 5 when he chose two crows over Morty.

It really is a nice superpower. Feel free to leave a comment or two, it's much appreciated...

Queen of Crows10.png

Queen of Crows.png

Queen of Crows1.png

Queen of Crows2.png

Queen of Crows3.png

Queen of Crows4.png

Queen of Crows5.png

Queen of Crows6.png

Queen of Crows7.png

Queen of Crows8.png

Queen of Crows9.png

Queen of Crows10.png

It's really nice of you to stop by friends, thanks for the visit.

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