Lady Terezia - New tokenized art

Lady Terezia

A beautiful and dangerous woman:

She's so cold, but you can't feel it. It's as if you can't feel the cold because she's a living, breathing, beating, living being, and the cold is just her soul.

"Hello, my name is Terezia," she said in her sweet but deadly voice. "But you can call me Terezi, or just Teri, or maybe just Te, but whatever you call me, I want you to know that I love your soul, and I don't want to hurt you..."

VQGAN + CLIP + Digital Edition - PNG 28,8MB

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Text generated in (GPT-J & GPT-Jumbo)

According to @dbddv01's instructions in his Post which you can get here

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VQGAN and CLIP Notebook made by Katherine Crowson (, The original BigGAN+CLIP method was done by
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