Key West Boardwalk

The One Man Band. He was ok musically, but definitely amusing to watch.

Way back in 2003 I was but a young lad of 18, and still heavily involved in Boy Scouts. I was an Eagle Scout after all, so I had to give back somehow. And how better to give back than to "chaperone" the high adventure trip to Seabase in the Florida Keys?

Film cameras...what can I say? Can't go back and delete shots. Also, I'm always the short guy...

On this trip I was accompanied by two disposable waterproof cameras, 35 mm film of course. This limited me to 48 exposures for the whole trip. This particular day we played hooky from the base camp and decided to check out Key West. I dutifully shot what I could, careful to save some film for the rest of the week. Man we are spoiled in the digital age....

The Tightrope Dude. I don't think that's his actual title, but that's what I'm going with.

Recently I dug out all the old negatives and I've been trying to figure out the best way to scan them and make them digital. You might have seen my experiments a few posts back.

On the tightrope

My scanner kinda sucks at scanning film. I can't seem to get the back-lighting right. I've tried my phone flashlight with copy paper to diffuse it, I've tried a light table app, I've even tried taking photos of the negatives with my DSLR and editing them on my PC (actually I have yet to do those edits, keep an eye out for those). Nothing seems to work well to perfectly digitize them, but it does make for some kinda artsy images.

And of course he got his dog to walk the rope as well.

Somewhere there are prints I can scan, buried deep in my closet (yes, I kept the negatives separated for some unknown reason), there may even be digital copies burned off an old CD-ROM back in the early oughts. Perhaps I should invest in a real film scanner....

One awesome thing about the boardwalk is how close the cruise ships come. Also, this scan makes me think of the Titanic ::cue Celine Deon::

But then I (and you dear readers) would miss out on these fun and creepy images.


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