Experimental Sunday

Somewhere in California, 2000ish

For the last few weeks I've been giving strong consideration to doing film photography, just for the fun of going back in time. I have been looking into every step of the process, including film development.

Also California, 2000ish

But I realized that I had to convert the film to prints somehow. Or at least to digital. Apparently one can buy a special film scanner for this. Orrrr one can use a flatbed scanner and a process with a flashlight...

110 Taken sometime around 1995 with an Estes rocket camera

It's not exactly a perfect process apparently. I suppose I will have to invest in a real film scanner once I get the money.

The same 110 film strip with some ghostly figures

However, it is fun to scan these old negatives and play with them on Krita, even if they don't come out "perfect".

Kevin, sometime around 1999

Summer Camp, 1999?

One reason I want to get into film is to make crazy images. I want to get a Holga with a manual spool mechanism, for maximum light leaks and the ability to double expose.

James River Canoe Trip, 1997ish

On the way to Lake Tahoe, no idea why I took a photo of traffic, 2000ish

But I will still enjoy messing with these until I get a full setup.

Random animals, this may be some negatives I found in a dumpster, I don't remember this trip

Me and my cousins when I was 12. 90's go-karting at its finest!

No idea who this guy is, another found reel?

I hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as I enjoyed making them!





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