Wood Nymph | Splinterlands Art Contest SPT W-246

Hello, how are you guys today?

May you always be given ease in all activities and also happiness to live today.

This post is my twenty one time participating in a weekly art contest put on by @Splinterlands, here I am drawing a Wood Nymph.

I chose this character because I think this character is cute but sexy, so I am challenged to draw her to be more mature and charming.

This artwork from the card game Splinterlands names the character Splinterlands Wood Nymph.

This time I'm not targeting a winner, because this contest makes me passionate about creating by being able to draw characters from the Splinterlands card, helping me to train myself to continue to perfect my drawing skills.

And for friends, don't forget to always work, so that life is not boring :)

Thank you for always supporting me to create works so far.


Source link: https://splinterlands.com/

Tools I use:

  1. Windows 7 Laptops
  2. Clip Studio Paint
  3. Wacom Cintiq 13Hd

Stages from sketch to coloring:

Final rendering result:

Thank you for visiting my blog this time, stay healthy and see you soon.

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