AQUATUS | SPT W-274 Splinterlands Art Contest, Digital Art

Hello, Happy New Year 2024, all my friends🥳🥳🥳🎆🎇, I hope that what was not realized last year can be achieved this year☺.

This is the forty ninth post I took part in the weekly art contest held by @Splinterlands, here I drawing AQUATUS.

Making this character was really fun, here I portrayed a character with a strong antagonist.

This character is also unique, similar to Aquaman, Namor too but with a body color similar to Sharkman.

I made the lighting in the middle of dusk towards evening with sunset lighting.

I still use a strong line art method but this time the coloring is still a bit of a light digital painting and combined with cell shading too.

The artwork of the Splinterlands card game is named after the AQUATUS Splinterlands character.

This time I want to win again to be number one this week, yesterday I managed to get 6th place, which is quite cool amidst the illustration work from Hive artists which is getting cooler week by week.

But I'm quite happy to always take part in this contest, because it hones my skills in making illustrations.

And thank you also to friends in the hive community, curators and other artists for always supporting me to create work all this time.


Source link:

Tools I use:

  1. Windows 7 laptop.
  2. Clip Studio Paint.
  3. Wacom Cintiq 13Hd.

Steps from sketch to line art:


Final rendering result:

Thank you for visiting my blog this time, take care of your health and see you soon.

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