Broozel City Guide (part 2) : The parks

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Broozel Highlights

The city has been mainly built around dozen of parks and fountain keeping nature and music as the fundamental basis of its global architecture in a visionary new social balance of living in harmonics, as defined by our primary architect Sir Brooz, founder of this extraordinary place. Thus becoming a true place to be proud of and leaving your mark on this unique island. As a tourist, you have only to find the ideal location to embrace this city’s magnificent legacy.

Following the map hereunder, you may want to visit the various places of the city. I would recommend not to leave the city before having taken a visit to the following beautiful places :

  1. The Piano Park
  2. The Silence Memorial
  3. The Cosmic Score Library
  4. The Violin Gate
  5. The Broozel sunset concert at the beach of sounds.
  6. The Sonic Aqueduc
  7. The Whispering Stone Park
  8. The Songbirds rituals

Illustration - A map of Broozel with its different corners splitted by black soundwaves lines.

The Piano Park and its Squares.

Broozel Piano Park is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by diverse natural parks and architectural interventions that create a unique and monumental site suitable for meeting. Our bridges are wide enough for sunrises and sunsets, including those with spectacular views over our fountains and park green rooms. The project design includes various pathways and sculpture. They are intended to support the connectivity of inhabitants of different social groups in the city. It creates places for people to interact with nature and with each other, and as well to express their creativity in the forms of musical sculptures, which will be integrated into the setting landscape.

the square of the keys.png
Illustration 2 - The Piano Park entrance

The Square of Chords is reachable via the Square of Strings, only using a little music skill: walk there by following the way marked by chords name, you will be in front of the Lyrical Kiosk, take the right tunnel of the Pentatonic Vortex and you should reach the Square. The Square of Chords is a huge paved square dedicated to chord progressions, the perfect stage for aspiring composers, but also for romantic couples that want to dance to their favourite songs. Benches scattered around the square are lute-shaped, allowing not only to sit on them, but also to play them. Music lesson with a professional instructor are available near by.

Illustration - The Lyrical Kiosk with a view on the Square of Chords

Near the Square of Chords, you will find the central place of Piano Park, where all benches and paths are actually marimbas and keyboards, carved into the woods. When you walk quielty to the park pathways, each of your steps produce some notes that sounds like resonating kalimba with nice sharps and flats, eventually a crescendo that may last for a few minutes. You can play freely thanks to the instruments installed all around the Park
Piano Park is also a typical place where young people meet and seduce each other, and of course write poetry, which is more than advised. You will probably see young couple kissing on a piano-bench, or celebrating their new relationship in songbirds rituals, until someone will accidently play the wrong note, and break the mood with a minor clash.

The esoteric parc 5.png
Illustration - young couple kissing on a piano-bench

The Square of Strings is nearby the South of Piano Park, connected via some small water paths and reachable by the Guitar Trees Promenade and some hanging bridges constructed with lute and guitar shaped supports.
natural mysticpng6.png
Illustration - water paths and huge partition posters along the parks

tree guitar.png
Illustration - Guitar Trees nearby the Square of Strings

Here, you can easily explore the great concert skills of these lute and guitar masters! It's an active commercial site, several lute makers shops which offer regular concerts and instrument demonstrations there.

parc guitar 3.png
Illustration - Guitar Masters playing in the Square of Strings

It is very common to see dozens of guitarist or violonist gathering spontaneously to play all togheter some partition posters located all along the pathways.

square of strings2.png
Illustration - dozens of guitarist or violonist gathering in Square of Strings

Altough Parks are very relaxing, they are also an important place for the local culture and their songbirds ritual, this will be the topic of our next chapter.

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