Max Art Attack: "Red Space Ape"

Hello AI art lovers!

Earlier today, I was trying to recreate my current avatar using the Starry AI app. My goal is to create a version of it that is realistic. I also want to see what kind of appearance or design the AI app will give me using the descriptions I will put in the prompt. If you notice my avatar, it's an ape wearing a space suit. This is a random image I got from google, I like it because the design is nice. Well, since I want my avatar to be unique, I tried to do it using an AI app.

These are the keywords I input at the prompt:

  • ape wearing a futuristic space suit
  • modern look
  • high-tech ape
  • robotic style suit
  • white colored suit
  • red-colored fur
  • advanced goggles
  • realistic rendering

What I can say about the result is "decent" but it failed the majority of my requirements and this is not the result that I expected. I think he got the proportions of an ape or chimpanzee's body type but he's just a bit odd to look at. The biggest fail for me is its invisible face. The character created by the AI app is a suit. I can't see anything that can really show the appearance of the ape.

There are times when the AI app is not effective or maybe my keywords used are not effective. After all, what happens with keywords is "hit or miss". There are times when the AI gets it right what I mean by keywords but there are times like this when it doesn't get it right.

I'm still happy with the result because the quality produced by AI is good for me. I would like to try again but my credit points have run out so I can try again tomorrow. Sometimes I think of creating an email so I can sign up for another account to collect additional 5 credit points. However, I might lose the thrill of making artwork. For me, I feel a thrill when I only have a limited amount of credit points to use. I will be attentive to the details of my keywords when I only have one chance to create artwork. It's also a bit addicting to make AI artwork, so the quality of my work might be sacrificed when I have a lot of credit points that can be used.

Anyway, this is the result of my AI artwork today, enjoy!

"Red Space Ape"

image_6483441 - 2023-02-25T154937.201.JPG

image_6483441 - 2023-02-25T154943.507.JPG

image_6483441 - 2023-02-25T154928.049.JPG

image_6483441 - 2023-02-25T154930.990.JPG

All artworks were created using Starry Ai app

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