Max Art Attack: "Mad Honeybees"

Hello AI art lovers!

I've done some artwork like this and it's probably the funniest I've done so far. I made artwork about honeybees. But these aren't just normal bees, these are mad honeybees!

Have you heard of the "mad honey" of Nepal? This is a world-famous honey found only in Nepal. It is called mad honey because it has a hallucinogenic effect on people who eat it. I watched a documentary earlier about this and found out that the process of obtaining it is dangerous. Mad honey hunters risk their lives just to acquire this honey, which is why it is so expensive. This honey can reach 60 to 80 dollars per pound. Even before the hunters collect honey, they still have to take a goat to God to protect their safety and prevent them from being harmed.

So, my idea for this artwork is honeybees who are very angry because hunters are taking their honey. Because they want to defend their hive, they exchange aggression. They are insane honeybees!

"Mad Honeybees"

image_6483441 - 2023-02-26T162009.229.JPG

image_6483441 - 2023-02-26T162013.561.JPG

image_6483441 - 2023-02-26T162024.794.JPG

image_6483441 - 2023-02-26T162018.662.JPG

All artworks were created using Starry Ai app

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