Attack of the Basilisk & Killer Croc!

We, humans, are in love with and influenced by art so we can't help but get excited and wonder what could AI be good for.

So, for today’s art post, I’m showing the concept I develop using the power of imagination and the incredible presentation style of the Ai. This is also a great example of how Ai artworks can develop interesting concepts and storyboards.

Attack of the Killer Croc

Visual images can communicate complex concepts that aren't easy to put into words. However, creating such art requires a lot of work and will ultimately teach artists new skills.

Ai's artworks deeply tell a story that is based on a symbolic act. By manipulating data through algorithms, it enables users to identify visual styles associated with each tale.

Attack of the Basilisk

I feel creative on a very intimate, deep level each time I paint or create new art. It can bring life the scenes and the creatures that’s been pain in my mind for years.

To some people, such a profession as Ai could seem to be irrelevant nowadays. But to many more people, it is a breath of fresh air; it awakens their imaginations and gives them an outlet to stop obsessing over issues in real life and start exploring places that not even dreams take us to.

All artworks were created using Starry Ai app

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