Amazing artist, NTF showroom, #artshill


Hive is an RPG

Everyday I find something interesting, inspiring and worth engaging on the Hive. I feel like in a RPG game with so much rooms and dungeons to explore. Having my profile growing is another treat of RPG's and this make my time here really enjoyable!

@Solymi and his initiative

My last discovery is the initiative by @solymi to bring more attention to NFT Showroom and it's artists.
The main idea is that NFT showroom is a great platform with bright future and people should know about it. Artist on Hive, Artist out of Hive, Friends, Facility everybody should have the chance to decide if he likes the platform, but he can't do it if he don't know about it. So we talk about it.


I am using @solymi 's directions here:

  1. Talk and share what you do with your friends.
  2. Talk inside #Hive, use #artshill tag, Every Artist or Collector on Hive should know about the showroom
  3. Talk on other social media, Bring people to Hive and NFT showroom. Use tags: #hive, #nftshowroom, #artshill on twitter, Instagram , FB.

Make an community of supporting artists
Find and follow @bitpandummy and @nathanmars on twitter. Follow me @brutalisti , follow other engaging artists!

Find an artist and share about him

Browse some art, find something that you like, share it!
What I found yesterday is @thisnewgirl

As I can see she is on Hive from a lot of time and share some great art, tips and experience.
She also work in gaming industry that makes me like her even more.`

She has some great art for sale on @nftshowroom and her pieces will be on my list the moment I start collecting. You can support her buying something from her NFT Gallery

She is not only making great art, but also share very detailed process, that could be really helpful for aspiring artists.


To make everything even more attractive @solymi has a nice reward pool for us supporting his or it better to say OUR campaign, that actually support all of us as artists!
I recommend you inspect the source in his post here and of course upvote!

Thank you

for your time
Have luck and be fun ;)

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