Unleash The Angry Big Bad Pony Collection on OpenSea

Hello Hive Community Hello Bilpcoin Community Hello Art Community! It's March 10th and the weather may be bad, but at Bilpcoin we've got something that will brighten up your day - introducing two new additions to our Angry Big Bad Ponys! Our NFTs are crafted with the help of AI and are like no other - they are super loud, proud, and full of personality. All with their own unique swagger and faces, these Ponys are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. And if you're a Hive user, we've got an even better deal - 50% off! So don't wait - come check out our collection and find the perfect Pony for your collection today

Angry Big Bad Pony 12

Angry Big Bad Pony 13

we need to take away all power from the Hive Police @spaminator, @guiltyparties, @patrice, @hivewatchers, and @hivewatcher. @adm They're actively destroying Hive and are only here for the money. Don't support their proposals and remove any delegations. Let's show them that we won't stand for their shenanigans and take Hive to the next level!








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