Knife King Art

Assalamualaikum . I hope everybody is well. I am also well by the grace of Almighty Allah.

Hi all members of the HIVE community and Moderators and the Admins.

I am going to share my another nft art with you today, and that art is Knife King nft art, hope you all like it.

Something about my art

I love to art nft because it looks so wonderful and horror. Also I made it with many steps . I also displayed every steps as like as very beautiful. I try to improve and make different art of mine. I try to make a few unique work of my each nft art. So, I am going to show you my another beautiful nft art which is called as Knife King.

Which things are needed

  • Mobile.

  • Infinity design app.


First I opened the Infinity Design app. Then, I selected a beautiful pen from the toolbar. First I draw some of It's part.


Then I draw some parts on the top. Also draw some more part in the downside.


Then I draw it’s nose and eyes. Also draw some design in the mouth.


Then I draw all the small parts of it. Also painted many colours in it.


After completing all of this, I painted all small part of it. Then I painted a lot in the background. As a result, it looked very beautiful and extraordinary.

Final Output

Thank you in advance for seeing and reading this post. I hope all of you love this post very much. Besides, you will be interested in buying this post from the upper link. If there any mistake anyone found. Please tell me what it is. Also see this in the vision of forgiveness.

CategoryDigital Art
DeviceSamsung Galaxy A13
LocationFeni, Bangladesh
SoftwareInfinite Design App

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Few words About my self

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I am Abdullah Al Saimoon from Bangladesh. My nickname is BIJOY. I am a student. I am the regular user and post maker in this platform. I love share my regular activities in this platform. I am a resident of Daganbhuiyan upazila of Feni district. Search me on Google This are my social media account YouTube , Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram . I am now 16 years old . I am in class 10 now. I am ethnically Muslim. I am a biker and a bike lover. I've been riding bikes many times. I went out in many places with bike.

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