Dark Ferryman | splinterlands art contest week 213

Hey hey~~ So I just had this realization while I was going over my content for this week. And I can definitely say that what I write is all over the place XD And I don't like how messy my dashboard got when inktober ended. So like... I might have to start planning days again because I need at least some sort of organization in my life.

Anyways, after 3 weeks of not participating in the splinterlands weekly art contest, I'm finally back! For this entry, I was actually thinking of doing Dr. Blight because I still want spooky vibes eventhough halloween is over. But then I saw the Dark Ferryman card and my brain immediately decided that "This is the card you're gonna work on this week. No complains"

And that is how I ended up spending my afternoon, painting again because my brain is having a hard time shifting back to digital art again ;;-;;

So this is my dark ferryman! I know the focus isn't exactly on him, but I think this came out really pretty OwO

At first, I wasn't really sure if I'd try this on digital or on traditional so I decided on both to see if my brain could keep up.

So this is the digital one I tried while I was waiting for the ink to dry on the traditional art.
Then here's a little timelapse I made for my progress so far

This was my 30 minute progress before I realized my ink was dried XD And I kind of got fixated with what I was doing... then before I realized it, 2 hours passed, and I ended up finishing this drawing in one sitting.

Progression shots:

Started with the sketch and the perspective I wanted to work with.

At this point, I actually questioned why I bothered to sketch when I can't even see my pencil sketch

So I just started a new sketch with my 0.05 fineliner while I still remembered the concept I wanted to go with.

I really think I work better on traditional than digital half the time ;;w;; and I work faster too (except for when I need to wait for the ink to dry). But I enjoy being a versatile artist that can hopefully keep up with all the brilliant digital artists here on hive ;;w;; because every time I look at the weekly entries in the splinterlands weekly art contest, my mind is blown with how amazing their digital art is .

I referenced on this

Well... More like I got the idea from the card (card details can be seen here: https://www.splintercards.com/reward-dark-ferryman). No regrets on choosing this card though, it's pretty and it looks so much like charon.

Materials used: Fineliner pens, white pen, liquid ink, chalk for a little texture
Duration: 2 hours (Ink drying not included XD)

And this is all I have to write about for today w I still need to plan out my weekly content again. See you guys later~!!

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