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Hello Readers,

My newest NFT is another instalment of sorts in my loosely tied together collection of works depicting the worlds of the Biblical Genesis story in a fantasy/alt-history style. I think this is a wicked concept, and I am definitely going to be expanding on it.


This piece is a glimpse at a piece of paper depicting an unknown figure from that distant past. I intentionally layer the piece and the description with mystery. After all, as J.R.R. Tolkien said, it's the unexplored vistas that really create a world. I am paraphrasing of course.
I know people have been liking these stories, so if it's quite alright, I'm just going to keep telling them!
That's the joy of being able to blog and earn on Hive. It allows me to scratch an itch that digital art can't.
There's more work coming. I'm doing stuff with Artbreeder at the moment, and I'm having a ball producing fantasy landscapes. In keeping with my World Garden setting (Eden), here is a glimpse of some work in progress. I generate the landscape and then tweak it on my phone or tablet:

Magic Hour.jpeg

If you like my work, please vote, like, tip, share, reblog or whatever to help this post. If you like my art, please make a purchase! I don't price anything too high. It's the joy of making it that I do it for, although it's nice to see it pay off too!

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