Flight of the EdenStar

"At its most singular point the EdenStar was adrift in its newly formed void.


A void is a complex thing. It is full of its own complexities which, of course are not apparent to the normal observer. At this point in the worldline, there were no observers though. There was just this one point of infinite light, creating new chaos and vortices of divine turbulence. These eddies took on a kind of life, forming and settling to form swirls of heat, light and eventually life.


The worldline was bifurcating, sending out rivulets of matter and thought. Every where it reached it left behind structure. Galaxies, stellar clouds, vast, brooding black holes.
The EdenStar knew that it needed record of this stupendous whorl of creation. It needed observers..."

"...On the edges of a hot, gasping world a pair of naked puking creatures got to their feet. They looked up into a newly created blue sky, and squinted at the brilliance of the blazing sun. The taller if the pair wiped gunk from his chin and breathes, marvelling at the sound it made. His other stepped nervously, her toes sinking into grass so alive it was heaving.
From a secret place, deep in the World Garden, the EdenStar regarded it's creations with bemusement. It had, of course, never seen their like. They were crude facsimiles of its own form, but they were an odd fusion of the EdenStars light and the rough, vibrant earth of this place.


Synapses in the mush filled brains of the pair were firing wildly as they took in the kaleidoscope of new sensations. They began to explore.


The EdenStar was tired. It had come a long way: the longest way there possibly is, to this momentary rest on it's strange new world. Soon, it would create more. Creation was it's purpose. It had to leave here soon, but not before fashioning a host of beings to guide and watch over this nameless planet and its inhabitants..."

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