Splinterlands contest - runeseer sevaya

Hello friends. Welcome to my new blog. This blog is my fan art for the splinterlands contest. Thanks for reading and writing to me in advance. I really appreciate it.💚 another week and another contest, there was this card which was named runeseer sevaya. When sketching I drew all her features but her stick’s shape wasn’t shown well so I changed it. What caught my attention about this card was her third eye and amazing outfit. For my last entry I was sad because everything turned out very dark. But now I managed to avoid the same mistake happening by controlling the pencil. I used graphite pencils. Mostly: 6B, 4B and HB and. I used a paper stump for smoothing. As always, if you are interested you can tell me your favorite card and I’ll draw it in my style.
The card I inspired from : runeseer sevaya

Steps of the drawing

💚Wish you all a good luck in the contest💚

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