splinterlands contest-fire demon

Hello friends welcome to my new blog. This is Mila here. I’m back again with a fan art. The past weeks I was horning my skills, thinking about my mistakes and thinking about the solutions not to repeat them again. One of the things I noticed was I overused 8B - it turned out very dark that the details were unnoticeable. Let’s talk about how I made this fan art: Well, first of all I must tell you one of my dreams. I always wanted to be a tattoo artist. That’s what I want to pursue as a job when I finish my college. I want to be one of those tattoo artists who also design something not just tracing. Finally to achieve my goal I decided to put my fear away and start doing some sketches. Every big achievements starts with a step. I took the first step by encouraging and telling myself that it’s not very different from what you already do. You can already draw animals and drawing monsters is not very different from them. That’s how I created this fan art by drawing an ugly demon hahaha I tried to design it like how tattoo artists do. After drawing the sha-vi fan art I got motivated to design some fantasy art.
The card I inspired from is fire demon card

Steps of the drawing

I’m not very sure about the fire demon that I wrote under it. It was fine without the lettering part but here it is anyway.
I hope you all have a good luck in the contest💚

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