What is ART ANON?

This is an experiment!

Purchasing this NFT will give you access to an unlockable text containing the posting key for hive account "art-anon".


There will be 50 editions!

Hive has a tiered key system, the posting key only allows people to post blogs, comment, reblog and claim rewards. They can not transfer money, change the keys or perform any higher level actions.

This account can be used as a graffiti wall, a place to yell into the void, leave poetry, drop art that you are too embarrassed to post, or whatever else you like. Maybe it will turn in to a spam account and get downvoted, who cares! I will be keeping an eye on this account and tweeting out interesting posts. I would suggest you wait until there are a few buyers before posting if you want to obscure your identity :D

You are free to resell the NFT or transfer it to a friend!

I am unsure how this will be received or how many people will post on the account, depending on how this goes there could be more fun to follow 👁

Buy the NFT here, 10 HIVE per edition: Art Anon Experiment

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