Splinterlands Art Contest - Week 281 - SPS DAO!

Hey there, folks. Hope you're having a wonderful time. Another week, another Splinterlands Art Contest, but WAIT-- this week there's a twist to it: WE HAVE A THEME (I know that's rare, unseen even). The art we do for this week has to be related to SPS (short for Splintershards, one of Splinterland's main in-game currencies which is also used for DAO purposes).

The post announcing the contest has made quite a few suggestions on what to draw (like gifs, graphic designs, SPS DAO logo ideas and such). What came to my mind when I saw the theme was something a little bit different, "a mysterious guy tempting the player to join the new age of TCG - hence the 'JOIN US' - (yeah I'm being a little bit dramatic) while holding a shiny piece of SPS in his hand".

I portrayed the mysterious guy in the dark to add to the mystery effect of the drawing and let the only light in the scene be the glow of that piece of SPS. You can see the steps below...

The Process

The Result

In the end, I also gave the shard of SPS in his hand some curvy light radiation as if it was emitting some sort of special energy. Hope you enjoyed this piece of work as much as I did bringing it to life, Cheers~

SPS In-Game Art


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