Introducing the ALIEN HONEY WEARABLES collection / Buy on Opensea or NFT Showroom


It is considered a faux pas to arrive at a party naked, same goes for the Metaverse!
It would be much more suave to show up with an android head, alien tee, or some magic glasses!

This is why ALIEN HONEY WEARABLES was created.

Wearables can be bought directly in the ALIEN HONEY OPENSEA collection using ETH on MATIC. This is slightly advanced and I will add a tutorial.

BUT... you could also buy an NFT from the @alienwearables collection on NFT Showroom and I will send you a wearable! Yes, the art is a ticket for a free wearable, pretty cool huh?

These are the currently available NFT's:


After purchase, just DM me a link to the art you want and the ETH address you will be using in cryptovoxels and I'll send it over!

You will still need to add the MATIC mainnet to metamask but that part is quite simple and I made a post about it here.

disclaimer Cryptovoxels is pretty amazing but also kind of buggy, occasionally the wearables don't show up in the costumer right away or disappear and come back so I wouldn't recommend ordering one the day of a big event just in case, plan ahead!


View the wearable collection on OPENSEA
Buy art to get a free wearable on NFT SHOWROOM


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