WINNERS of Cosmic Creations challenge #5 👽 Theme: Inspired by Art History

Thank you to all the amazing aliens who created art for this round of Cosmic Creations <3 We received a ton of entries and it was very difficult to choose a top 3!

The theme of this challenge was Inspired by Art History.

For this round the judges were @juliakponsford and @castleberry. We looked at aesthetics, originality/creativity, execution and how the inspiration was used to determine our favorites.

Notice we are referring to this as a challenge now instead of a contest! The intent is not to compete but to challenge our members to create something outside of their comfort zone! We would very much like to decentralize the judging process so if you are interested in being a guest judge in the future please let us know in the comments. A few people have already volunteered so we are working on assembling a team.

Without further ado, here are our top entries!

[ GIF Mona lisa ][ Cosmic Creations ] by @cyboule

Blog post: @cyboule/gif-mona-lisa-cosmic-creations

Cosmic Creations / The strange art of humans by @janusmolinovsky

Blog post: @janusmolinovsky/cosmic-creations-the-strange-art-of-humans

[ENG/ESP] Cosmic Creations #5 Art History by @joss21

Blog post: @joss21/engesp-cosmic-creations-5-art-history

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Once again thank you all for creating with us 👽

We will be announcing the next round tomorrow so stay tuned!


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