A woman leaps out of the window (2021)

A woman leaps out of the window

Collection: Dissociations

NFT available on @nftshowroom

The breaking need...

A woman leaps out of the window is a cathartic expression of self-observation and introspection through self-portration. The result of a need for disconnection from everything, even yourself.

The 1st piece of Dissociations, a series where I dive and experiment with my need of distorting/glitching myself.

This piece was created out of a photography of mine, processed on Photomosh. It was inspired by one of my favorite music albums ever, a really meaningful and awesome musical work of a genre I've been diving a lot in the lasts months, a musical album whose stories, sounds, imagery and aesthetic align with my last consciousness expanssion and current state of mind.

By purchasing any edition of this piece you'll get a link to listen to 37:56 minutes of the mentioned delicious sounds... Enjoy!

Want to collect?

2 of 2 editions of A woman leaps out of the window are now available on my gallery on NFT Showroom.

I've decided to start experimenting with digital art, especially collages; please feel free to tell me what are your thoughts on this piece!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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