Sports Anime is Indeed My Favorite Type of Anime (Anime Blogging Challenge Day 7)

Heya otaku(s)~!!!
You might be wondering why I'm writing the 7th part of this anime challenge all of a sudden. Well, I decided to just focus my @harulovesanime account on microblogging and leave the longer blogs in my main account which is what I'm currently using. So basically, this post is the 7th entry for the ANIME BLOGGING CHALLENGE hosted by @kuronokenshi.

If you're curious about my previous entry for part six, you can check it HERE. I talked about AJIN which is a very interesting anime... well, at least for me.

NOW, onto the main topic~!!!!


YASS!!! I'm a sucker for sports anime!

I have watched all the anime in the picture above except for the old version of Captain Tsubasa as I watched the 2018 version. hehe...

Of course, I also enjoy watching other genre like battle, fantasy, horror, thriller, slice of life, etc but, sports anime just makes me feel alive. And because of that, I have rewatched some of them several times. Let me introduce you to some of my faves!


I must admit, I am really crazy about Haikyuu! I have watched the first three seasons at least 8 times already. I also watched the fourth season three times now. I am patiently waiting for season 5 and yes, I have finished reading the manga... well, just once, but I plan to read it again when I have more time.

Haikyuu! is a volleyball anime and it's really exciting and full of surprises and fun! It also imparts us a lot of important values in life. I believe it's one of the reasons why I like sports anime. SPORTS ANIME KEEPS ME MOTIVATED!!! They always emphasize the importance of not giving up and to reach for your goals.

In Haikyuu!, you'll find various characters who are very different from each other but shares a common goal. There are a lot of interesting character developments (which I really like in a movie or series). It's even very difficult to watch every match because you'd also want to cheer for the rival team.

Ohh~ the Olympics is currently ongoing and guess what? They've been playing some Haikyuu opening songs during the volleyball competition. I have only seen some clips, but it was so fun and exciting to watch.


Baseball is NOT popular in my country, but I became really interested in it by watching a lot of baseball anime. One of the baseball anime that I've watched is MAJOR. It's a baseball drama anime which revolves around the life of Honda Goro. It has 6 seasons from when he was small until he became a Major leaguer. There's also a new series called Major 2nd which has two seasons at the moment and it revolves around Goro's and his generations' children.

I have watched all seasons three times now and I would love to watch them again. This reminds me, I haven't completed my MAJOR Series review. I should get back to it soon.

Speaking of baseball anime, there are also a lot of other very fun and exciting ones like DIA NO ACE, Ookiku Furikabutte, One Outs, etc.


I've watched all three season of Kuroko no Basuke twice, but there's this movie called The Last Game which I have rewatched more than five times. haha I know it's crazy but U can't help it. I just love Kuroko no Basuke.

Of course, Slam Dunk is also on my fave list for basketball anime. I want to read the manga for Slam Dunk soon... the anime was actually not finished and I have only watched the episodes which were aired on Philippine TV back in the day.

Now, there is AHIRU NO SORA, but I actually haven't really followed the series yet. It's on Netflix, so I am going to continue watching it soon. :)


Giant Killing is one of the best soccer anime I have ever watched. I'm planning on rewatching it soon together with my mama. What I like about it is that it showed a lot of interesting strategies. The coach was quite eccentric, but I like the way he thinks.

I think when it comes to sports anime, soccer has the most series. There was a time a couple of years back when I watched around six to seven soccer anime series. I was so crazy about soccer anime back then.

Do you know INAZUMA ELEVEN? I know it's pretty unrealistic, but I remember myself enjoying this soccer anime, too. The characters were all elementary school kids. haha It was oddly entertaining!

Speaking of soccer anime, there are two upcoming anime that I assure you (if they follow the manga) would be pretty awesome to watch. Just this year, AO ASHI and BLUE LOCK were both confirmed to have new anime adaptation and I am truly very excited for it! I have talked about AO ASHI manga last year and also about BLUE LOCK manga around 4 months ago. I was saying how I wanted them to have an anime adaptation, and voila~!!!! They're both going to be animated soon!

That's enough for now...

...because if I don't stop, I can keep talking about sports anime forever. Ohh, I don't just watch very major sports. I have also watched sports anime about Sumo, Japanese archery, competitive Karuta, Hakone ekiden, among others. It was nice to know more about these sports.

Recently, there are these sports anime about water polo, surfing, gymnastics, and so on... They're currently on my to-watch list and I can't wait to actually watch them soon. As of the moment, I'm watching another volleyball anime called 2.43... I'll be talking more about it once I finished watching the whole thing. As for the anime I'm rewatching with my mama, that'd be Eyeshield 21 (American football anime). Were down to around 20 more episodes left out of 145. lol

Aaaaahhhh~ I want updates for YowaPeda (cycling anime), All Out (rugby anime), etc. soon! Also, Prince of Tennis (tennis anime) and Free! (swimming anime) released and will release new movies, so I'm excited to watch them.


I'll be reviewing more sports anime and of course anime of different genre in the days to come... please look forward to reading them! <3

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