If I was sucked into my computer and became a character


It's dark and cold, the world around me I can't recognise. What happened? Where am I? Screams from a far, chilling the sound of death, of fear. But the place seems deserted. I Flinch to hide from the chilling sounds that appear to be getting closer but I blink and find myself some distance away.


Right then a figure appears, a growling noise. It looks like someone's here but I can't make out what it is. A person I call out and it begins to run at me at some kind of impossible speed. As it draws closer I get a better look it has razor sharp claws! Where am I? Surely this is hell and I'm about to die.

I raise my arms to cover my face drawing in tight and brace for impact boooooom a sonic sound erupts, deafening. The being is flung 50 meters into the ground plummeting to its death. What is happening to me?


A bright light appears, warm. Welcoming. I don't recognise it. It's not familiar. It's getting closer and I'm confused. Where have I ended up? The last thing I remember I turned on my computer than went to the bathroom. Have I had my morning coffee yet? Was there some form of hallucinogens in that last batch of coffee?

Either way I don't intend to find out what this next thing is and I take off looking for cover, I'm trying to run but I seem slow. How did I blink before? I don't know but I'll figure it out eventually.

I come across a house, I hear whispers. Someone's inside maybe they're hiding and I can seek refuge from whatever is outdoors until it passes.

There's a crack in the door, I might pear in.


A monstrous scream deafns me and blows me to the ground the world is a blur as this beast begins to wall towards me. Much larger and more fearce than the one I met in the field. I can't move, everything is still blurry.

I'm trying to wrangle but I'm stuck it's getting closer... oh no I need to get moving but I can't. It looks at me with death and I know there's no way out of this one.


I look up and try to think of away out, looking for something around me and with all my remaining energy I look up and try to lift myself from the ground and now I'm above it. As the monster lunges to where I once was, it looks upto the sky where I am now but it can't reach me, am I dead?

I fly by a body of water and catch my reflection, I'm a cloud, some form of mist. A spectra of my former self able to pass through items and go wherever I want.

Am I safe here?

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