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🐍Mitsuki🐍| 🥋Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Digital Art.🥡

In this post the progression of an illustration referring to the anime / manga of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will be shown, which is a kind of continuation of the Naruto manga, this manga is still in publication, I will proceed to give you details about the drawing, because I decided do the drawing and why this

Why did I do it?

The idea of making this drawing came to me in a Boruto chapter precisely when Mitsuki awakens the wise mode, one of my favorite abilities, in addition to this the design of his wise mode caught my attention, thanks to that I began to look more at the character and to see the aspects that led me to make this drawing.

Why Mitsuki?

This character has always seemed interesting to me but I never gave him the attention he deserved, on the part of his personality his tranquility calls my attention and that he expresses himself without contemplation regarding any situation, typical things of an individual who is still learning to relate, Likewise, he has a much superior intellect, on the other hand in various parts of the anime you can see the concern and affection towards his companions, in his design, it catches my attention since at first glance you recognize that he is the son of Orochimaru, for His white skin, yellow eyes and that style of snake that he shares with his father (creator), in his abilities I find his wise way very impressive but the most that impresses me is the design of this since they arise from the Chakra snakes and it begins to radiate a blue-green aura, which changes the color to its standard design completely, making this transformation very epic when it appears and giving it a touch of surface. ority in terms of power to the character

The drawing

This drawing took me 6 hours to do since I took it easy so that it would turn out well and in this drawing I just started using Photoshop to retouch some things and add some effects, such as the light effect that is in the snakes and their hair, the most difficult part of the drawing was to give it a color palette that seemed striking to me, despite the fact that in the anime they draw the entire character of a very intense green color, the dual in the anime looks good but when trying to replicate the colors It didn't convince me, so I looked for a color palette that looked more like something that would match Mitsuki's standard look and I decided to use blue and green colors to do the coloring




Thanks for your attention

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